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What a dearheart!

We are a small, professional daycare operated within a completely daycare-dedicated ground floor of the house. We have been operating since 2005, and have numerous glowing references, (written & verbal). I am CPR & First Aid qualified.



I serve wholegrain breads, (ex: rye w/ caraway, spelt, sunflower multigrain and homemade bread), and organic meats, cheeses & dairy produce, and locally grown seasonal fruits & veggies.

I cook a wide variety of all-homemade foods ~Cordon Bleu style, (Lasagne, Casseroles, Mac n’cheese (house fave) mild curries, Veggie Stew w/ Turkey Meatballs, etc). Garlic, onions & herbs are a much loved staple! They are known to enjoy my own tossed salad for themselves! We are able to cater to vegetarians, as we love our lentils and beans. We have the children drink water often, at meals & throughout the day.  We don’t serve sugar, except for the occasional apple crumble, homemade pancakes, scones, or birthday cake, and they eat lots of fruit & veggies for snacks, (we love Ryvita rye crackers with butter & apple butter!).

I do not have a T.V., and instead have the time to give attention to all, and focus on learning through play. Our own mission is to teach mutual respect, kind and thoughtful manners, whereby equipping the children for the imminent exposure to the rough & tumble of the outside world!  It’s a calm, happy place where we sing through our play & also the trying issues, making up songs & stories so ideas get across, to sidestep the moments of confusion ~ which can take place often with between the busy years of 1 to 4, learning how to communicate effectively!

We have lots of outdoor time in Spring; Summer & Fall in fenced in front yard, large fenced in back yard & at our local East York park & splash pads. In Winter we like to take walks on sunny days, or play in the snow as much as possible. Since I have spaces for maximum 4 children daily, I am able to get them outside, weather permitting.

We are in the Danforth & Woodbine area in East York, Toronto.

We offer fulltime, (Monday to Friday) and we do accept part time, (Two or more days/week). 

Our rates are:

Newborn to 12months: $85/day

12 months to 24 months: $75/day

24 months and over: $65/day

Please contact Tara at for an appointment.

We also offer evening and weekend Babysitting, (12/hr Friday, Sat, Sun & 10/hr Mon-Thursday nights) and sleep training/all night relief with our “Nitenanny” service.


Is your family up two to three or more times per night with an infant or toddler? Are you trying to sleep train your child, without losing precious sleep time of your own?

I or one of my well experienced and trained staff will come to your home to guide your children to sleep throughout the night, prepare bottles, and give you high quality, bespoke childcare services you can rely upon.


Good Night & Sleep Well!  Please enquire with your questions & needs.


Dearhearts Daycare
Danforth & Woodbine, East Toronto, Canada

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